As you are aware the CDC and other health organizations are responding to the disease that is called Coronavirus or COVID-19 that started in China in late 2019 and has now spread to the US. 


We will post updates here as developments occur.

​As of March 16, 2020


Procedures in Place
  • Facility command center is open and having daily calls to monitor COVID-19

  • Implemented HICS (Hospital Incident Command System)

  • Posted Signage around all facilities

  • Have completed table-top drill to prepare for any potential case

  • Working with and following all recommendations from CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) CMS (Centers of Medicare and Medicated Services) and ODH (Ohio Department of Health)

  • Taking temperatures, completing survey and tracking all individuals in the facility (For all essential personnel and essential health care providers that are allowed in the building)

  • Developed, trained and implemented a Coronavirus Person Under Investigation (PUI) Case Report in PCC. Any resident with respiratory/ Flu like symptoms will get screened with this tool. We monitor the PUIs evaluations daily.

  • Trained all environmental services staff on proper cleaning methods and chemicals to be used


Current Operation Plan and Care Plan
  • Zero visitors – exception being end of life (1 visitor at a time and only allowed into resident’s room)

  • Residents will be restricted from communal activities

  • Residents will maintain psychosocial well-being

  • Residents will be provided 1:1 activities and meals by essential healthcare personnel 

  • Residents will be provided 1:1 opportunity to go outside provided weather permitting

  • Residents will be provided 1:1 activities in accordance to their preferences by healthcare personnel


Virtual Family Visitation

We regret restrictions on visitation have become necessary because of the COVID-19 outbreak. In lieu of person-to-person visits, families are encouraged to:


  • Use virtual communication, such as Facetime®, Zoom® or Snapchat®

  • Telephoning your loved one

  • Sending cards and letters


Communication & Hotline

While the facility does not currently have any resident or staff member who has tested positive, we are committed to keeping you apprised of any untoward developments. To that end, we have established an emergency communications hotline. The hotline number is 855-363-7437. If the facility experiences a positive test result and/or comes under an evacuation order, pertinent information will be placed on the hotline. The hotline is not manned, so please don’t expect to talk to a person. It’s strictly a recording that will be updated as often as is necessary to keep you abreast of any new developments regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

For further information:


COVID-19 Tracking Map
Ohio Dept. of Health COVID-19 Page