Our dietary department is led by Sandy Ering, Registered Dietician who has partnered with Gaymont for over 25 years. She works closely with our Ancillary Services Director to ensure proper nutritional considerations are taken.

The Ancillary Services Director, Sandy Proctor, is our certified dietary manager. Sandy received her certification from Auburn University in 2001. She is also certified in food protection through the Dietary Managers Association.

Gaymont's dietary shifts are led by the cook position, who is trained in a “Person in Charge” course provided by the State of Ohio. This allows them (in the absence of the Dietary Manager) to make necessary decisions regarding nutrition, staffing and resident concerns.

Our Dietary Department takes great pride in every meal they prepare for Gaymont residents, their families, and staff alike. They “cook with love” and believe that meals are a time for nurturing, bonding, and healing.

Ancillary Services Director 419.668.8258 (ext. 329)