Gaymont is proud to offer extensive therapy and rehabilitation services in our Transitional Care Unit (TCU). Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists and assistants are available seven days a week.

Our Therapy Gym is more than you would expect from the average skilled nursing facility. We have over $10,000 invested in therapy equipment alone and are constantly adding to our inventory. Our total therapy area is 1150 square feet.

Unlike other nursing homes, we do not share our therapy area with other departments for activities or meals: our therapy gym is a place to get back in shape and get back home. In our TCU, our goal is to help you achieve your goals. If you want to be able to do all the things (and more) that you did before your accident or surgery, great! We will work with you on those tasks to ensure your success after you leave us. When needed, our therapists will go to your home, prior to discharge, to make sure your environment is free of obstacles to your recovery and suggest any assistive devices you might benefit from.

Our TCU is separate from our long-term care wings and is truly a place of healing and strengthening. Our staff lovingly refers to it as our “Return to Home” wing. The dedicated staff that works there is committed to your recovery and restoration. They hate to say “good-bye” to their patients, but love to watch them leave – knowing they are going home to the people and activities that make their lives full.

Transitional Care Unit 419.668.8258 (ext. 342)